The Band

Somewhere between the mountainous forests and yuppie-condo-dotted skyline of Portland, Oregon, a toxic chasm yawned wide and birthed a three headed creature only true metalheads could comprehend. A beast so putrid and vile, it could only be bestowed with one name that could portray it’s complete disregard for life and reason…Soul Grinder!!!


Formed in 2016, Soul Grinder has been laying waste to the Pacific Northwest and beyond with their unclassifiable brand of heavy. Their sub-genre fusion provides something for any and all fans of extreme, underground metal. The venomous growl, gurgle, and scream of bassist and vocalist April “Prilzor” Dimmick, the competent and weighted riffs of guitarist Alex Avery, and the crushing drums of Kevin Ross make for a volatile metal experience. It’s not death metal, it’s not thrash metal, it’s not heavy metal, but it will certainly melt the flesh from your bones. 


Soul Grinder is currently supporting their 2019 full-length release The Prophecy of Blight, produced by Soul Grinder, and mixed and mastered by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust). The Prophecy of Blight captures Soul Grinder’s mania perfectly. Songs like “Kill Maim Burn” and “Apotheosis” tap the depraved death metal vein of Soul Grinder, while songs like “Beasts of Chaos” and  “Lost and Damned” swing with meaty hooks, and choruses that sounds like the mantra of some ancient, evil, black-hooded cult. 


"Soul Grinder is one of the fastest rising and most noticeable extreme metal acts to have emerged in the last three years.”  - Andrew Bansal Metal Assault 


"The bubbling cauldron that is Soul Grinder contains a potion that will certainly rot you from the inside out.”  - Aris Hunter Wales Portland Mercury


For fans of Morbid Angel, King Diamond, The Plasmatics, Death, and Candlemass.

April Dimmick - Vox/Bass

Alex Avery - Guitar

Kevin Ross - Drums 


Photos by Peter Beste




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